You are The Messenger of Your Message


Your Role as the Messenger is Important

Knowing who YOU are plays a very important part of your success. Many people have spent large sums of money on books, audio messages, and other programs, but rarely pay any attention to the most important aspect of their brand: SELF. Understanding your role as Messenger is crucial to your success.


In our world today, the messenger is more important than the message. People are willing to place their trust in a credible leader even if they don’t fully understand his message. Since they know him as a person and believe him to be a good leader, it is easy for them to assume that he would do the right thing, such as standing for a worthy cause and preaching the right message of a good leader.

You would not expect a troublemaker to present a message of peace nor would you expect a known peacemaker to bring a message of destruction. To take this one step further, I don’t believe anyone with a sound mind would attend a peace conference where Adolph Hitler is listed as one of the speakers. He is known around the world as a messenger of destruction. No sound people would listen to a MESSAGE of peace from such a MESSENGER.

How do People View YOU as a MESSENGER?

Who YOU are as a MESSENGER is very critical to your brand. Additionally, the level of success you will experience in your niche as more to do with YOU as a MESSENGER than the content of your MESSAGE. Most followers would be willing to commit to a credible leader even when his message is not 100% clear, but what they would not do is willfully commit to a bad leader/messenger even if the vision is 100% clear.


Self investment should always be on top of your priority list. Make every possible attempt to learn about your weaknesses and strengths. Take note of areas where immediate actions are needed. Pay close attention to the beliefs and values that are very dear to you. Make a long term goal and commit yourself to a system that will help you reach your destination. Go out of your way to take possession of any available resources that would help better yourself. Focus on the special attributes that all good leaders have in common, such as positive attitude, honesty, communicative, kindness, empathy, boldness, persistency, consistency, and more. In addition, be sure to focus on the 4 Cs: Communication, Confidence, Commitment, and Creativity.

The more time you spend investing in YOU is the better you’ll get as a person and as a leader. When you become aware of your true personality and gift set, you also become aware of what your message should be. Your vision gets even clearer and place you in a very influential position as a leader.


Always remind yourself that YOU are the MESSENGER. People always take a good look of the messenger even before they give him a chance to present his message. When people believe in who you are as a leader, they will buy into you even before they clearly understand your message. Therefore, make it your goal to spend time investing in YOU. Commit yourself to doing things that focus on taking you and your brand to the next level. Focus on cultivating the qualities of a good leader. And since a leader’s ACTIONS always speak louder than his WORDS, be sure to always think carefully and act wisely. Be clear with the content of your message, and always be consistent In your presentation.

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